In December 1988 founding pastor, Glen Maiden, and 8 other people met in a basement, threw their life savings of $350 together and started Kainay Community Church. By March of 1989, the first official Sunday service was held in a small barn with 30 people present. In the beginning, resources were scarce; the lighting consisted of one desk lamp shining on the stage, a boom box provided the music and a kerosene heater was all they had to keep warm.

Pastor Glen recounts, “Our vision was to reach unchurched people. The people God brought in the beginning were religious burnouts, refugees from failed religious traditions, In time this community opened its arms to addicts and survivors of abuse. Our strategy was to accept everyone … with any story of brokenness. Our vision was the power of the Gospel to save the most broken people on the planet.”

The group experienced their first converts by the next summer and within six months they had to move to a bigger barn. The church was built around exciting contemporary music, relationships, relevant biblical teaching and a deep desire to introduce people to the forgiveness and purpose in life that Christ offers. Those continue to be the hallmarks of Kainay.

We moved from our downtown Terrace Street location to our current site on Heights Ravenna in 2000. When we made the move, we were averaging around 200 in worship each week and the church continued to grow. In June of 2007, Pastor Joseph Vest became the Lead Teaching Pastor, and God continued to grow His church over the course of Pastor Joseph’s 8-year ministry. In February of 2016, Pastor Steve Derdowski began serving as Lead Pastor, and in February of 2017 we changed our name to Port City Church. We couldn’t be more excited about the future of the church!